And this is where we are here to help.

Trust House Publishers can take your work and prepare it into a beautifully designed book (in print and electronic formats) and have it ready for worldwide distribution, all in just a few weeks.

Trust House Press is a publishing source for Bible-based authors like you.

The Self-Publishing Scam

Self-publishing is an emperor with no clothes. The major self-publishing companies charge authors exorbitant prices for very little work that an author could accomplish him/herself with no more effort. Furthermore, the author is then the victim of upsells for marketing and promotional material that is often not worth the cost of the postage. Trust House Press plans to make independent publishing available for all Bible-based writers at no cost.

Yes, you read that right!

No Cost Independent Publishing

If a writer agrees to adhere to our doctrinal standards, the author can publish through Trust House Press absolutely free. When we are requested by the author to provide additional services, the charge will be minimal, and far less than at the large self-publishing firms. And, we will never pressure you into “buying up.”  After preparing the book, Trust House Press will then offer authors half-price purchase of printed copies of the books they authored. Authors will then keep 100% of profits from the books they sell.

After preparing the book, Trust House Publishers will offer authors deeply discounted printed copies of the books they authored. Authors can sell their books on their own website (or ours) and will keep 100% of profits from the books they sell. If authors desire worldwide distribution (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and almost every online website as well as availability to brick and mortar stores), this service will be available, and authors will be given royalties for ebook (net).

How to begin

Trust House Publishers is for authors who have a completed manuscript. When your manuscript is complete, here are the next steps:

  1. Read our FAQs to make sure you understand the program and process.
  2. Look at our Pricing Page to make sure you understand optional services.
  3. Submit a Publishing Request to get started. Note: we currently only support authors with a U.S. address.