There has been much written about the Revelation, or the Apocalypse, as it is sometimes called. And there are many books about the book of Daniel. But there have been very few, if any, books that have considered these two books as God gave them, intertwined together. This book is an attempt to demonstrate, not only how the prophecies in these two books relate to each other, but also how the two books themselves relate to each other. The stand is taken that the sealed scroll of Revelation 5 represents the book of Daniel, which had been sealed in Daniel 12, and that, likewise, the open book which in Revelation 10 the prophet was told to eat, represents that same book of Daniel after its seals had been opened. For indeed, up to that point in the Book of Revelation, the symbols are unique to the book of Revelation. But from that point on, the symbols are straight out of the book of Daniel.