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This is a collection of independent articles concerning subjects relating to Bible prophecy, arranged in logical order and edited to suit publication together as a single volume. All articles are based on the principle that the Bible is the infallible word of a God that cannot lie, who never makes a mistake, and whose promises are irrevocable. Some of the material presented here is adapted from the author’s previous book, “Keys to Bible Prophecy,” by James C. Morris, published by Dispensational Publishing House, ISBN # 978-1-9577-33-1.

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James C. Morris is an award winning, internationally published author. He has been a Christian for seventy-five years, a preacher for sixty and a teacher of Bible prophecy for fifty years. His previously published books include “The Pattern for the Church,” “Ancient Dispensational Truth,” “Keys to Bible Prophecy,” and “Understanding the Psalms, Five Boos of Prophecy.” Now retired except for writing, he remains available for seminars.

James Morris

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