Ron and Rona

Fight The Corona

A children’s book for
these confusing times

And suddenly
there was…Corona!

One bright, sunny morning—I’m not sure of the date—
Ron’s father woke up in a terrible state.
He had a high fever, his cheeks had turned red,
He was coughing and sneezing all over the bed.
“Argh,” he groaned loudly, waking Ron and Rona.
“Goodness me!” cried his wife.
“I think Dad’s got Corona!”

What is the Coronavirus? Why is it making parents stay at home all day? Why are schools closed? Why can’t we visit our friends and go to the playground?

The international outbreak of the Coronavirus has left many young children confused. We hope that “Ron and Rona Fight the Corona” can serve as a resource for parents, allowing them to have an open dialogue about the nature of this pandemic in simple, age-appropriate language. It is our hope that, with a dash of fun and whimsy, our book will help explain the new reality we all face. Our goal is to empower children with knowledge, ease their anxiety, and help them make sense of all that is happening around them.

Hi there, we are Ron and Rona!

Join Ron and Rona as they learn about this strange, new virus, and how each and every one of us can protect ourselves and stay healthy!

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