What You Will Learn With This Book

Covers a variety of Bible Doctrines
Shows how God helps “outsiders”
Practical teachings for everyday life
Devotional aspects that can be applied to the heart of every believer
Taught from a bible believer’s point of view rather than a “scholar’s” critical analysis
The genealogy of the Messiah along with significant typology and prophetical material

Reviews of The Book

“As a student of the bible, and having read the Book of Ruth many times, I was surprised that so much doctrinal information existed that I was never aware of!”
Marvin Fishburn
“Who know there was so much biblical information contained in one of the shortest books in the bible.”
Edgar Strange
“I recommend anyone who is interested in a deeper understanding of the bible to get this book!”
John Cherry
“As a novice Christian, this Book of Ruth Commentary was very helpful to understand the story in its entirety.”
James Daniels

About the Author

William R. Doolin received his B.D. from The Bible Doctrine Institute, and holds a Th.M. degree from Charity Bible Baptist Institute. He has served full time in the jail, nursing home, and street ministries since 2009 in Tallahassee, Fl. This commentary on Ruth is a guide to bible believers concerning doctrine contained in the biblical book of Ruth, as well as spiritual applications for the serious student of the bible.

William R. Doolin

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