• This is a collection of independent articles concerning subjects relating to Bible prophecy, arranged in logical order and edited to suit publication together as a single volume. All articles are based on the principle that the Bible is the infallible word of a God that cannot lie, who never makes a mistake, and whose promises are irrevocable. Some of the material presented here is adapted from the author's previous book, "Keys to Bible Prophecy," by James C. Morris, published by Dispensational Publishing House, ISBN # 978-1-9577-33-1.
  • From the author of America’s Courage of Faith, a non-fiction work about Ann America Payne’s dedication and determination to build the first Catholic Church in Warrenton, Virginia. Ann M. Casey is a noted author and Catholic Writer whose research furthers our present understanding of our identity of Catholics in America. This volume one of Our Tenacity of Faith highlights the beginnings of Catholicism in America from the early fifteenth century to just prior to the Civil War, and the many individuals who helped shape and influence the American Catholic. Volume Two will cover the Civil War to prior the First World War.
  • There has been much written about the Revelation, or the Apocalypse, as it is sometimes called. And there are many books about the book of Daniel. But there have been very few, if any, books that have considered these two books as God gave them, intertwined together. This book is an attempt to demonstrate, not only how the prophecies in these two books relate to each other, but also how the two books themselves relate to each other. The stand is taken that the sealed scroll of Revelation 5 represents the book of Daniel, which had been sealed in Daniel 12, and that, likewise, the open book which in Revelation 10 the prophet was told to eat, represents that same book of Daniel after its seals had been opened. For indeed, up to that point in the Book of Revelation, the symbols are unique to the book of Revelation. But from that point on, the symbols are straight out of the book of Daniel.
  • Jonah was a prophet who was sent to proclaim God's message to Nineveh. But, like us, he struggled to trust God and obey his commands. Jonah shows us a God who is sovereign over nature and salvation and can use even the most unlikely of people to accomplish his will. 
    God's Global Gospel is a pastoral commentary walking through the book of Jonah. Writing from a Reformed Dispensational perspective Caleb walks the reader through this OT prophetic book with clarity and thoughtfulness. The reader will be encouraged by the special attention given to both theological depth and personal application. Written in an engaging style, God's Global Gospel is a book all Christians will enjoy. 
  • This book traces the argument made by the Holy Spirit, speaking through the Apostle Paul, about the normal development of a Christian, from his first realization of his guilt before God, to full maturity in Christ. Then it traces the HolySpirit’s argument about the irrevocable nature ofGod’s promises to the ancient nation of Israel, and how that demonstrates the absolute reliability of all of His promises. And then it traces the outworking of these truths in practical Christian living.
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  • Ruth chronicles the events of an unsaved hell bound idol worshipping woman who follows a Jew to salvation and is greatly blessed by the Lord. Because of her humble spirit and her willingness to sacrifice, surrender, submit, and serve, the Lord blesses Ruth with the right husband at the right time according to God’s providence. Ruth is delivered from her affliction, double typing a Gentile being saved in the tribulation and being a type of the bride of Christ. Ruth gets blessed, goes from famine to feast and has her name recorded in the Bible for all eternity (Ps. 119:89).
    William R. Doolin received his B.D. from The Bible Doctrine Institute, and holds a Th.M. degree from Charity Bible Baptist Institute. He has served full time in the jail, nursing home, and street ministries since 2009 in Tallahassee, Fl. This commentary on Ruth is a guide to bible believers concerning doctrine contained in the biblical book of Ruth, as well as spiritual applications for the serious student of the bible.