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  • Ruth chronicles the events of an unsaved hell bound idol worshipping woman who follows a Jew to salvation and is greatly blessed by the Lord. Because of her humble spirit and her willingness to sacrifice, surrender, submit, and serve, the Lord blesses Ruth with the right husband at the right time according to God’s providence. Ruth is delivered from her affliction, double typing a Gentile being saved in the tribulation and being a type of the bride of Christ. Ruth gets blessed, goes from famine to feast and has her name recorded in the Bible for all eternity (Ps. 119:89).
    William R. Doolin received his B.D. from The Bible Doctrine Institute, and holds a Th.M. degree from Charity Bible Baptist Institute. He has served full time in the jail, nursing home, and street ministries since 2009 in Tallahassee, Fl. This commentary on Ruth is a guide to bible believers concerning doctrine contained in the biblical book of Ruth, as well as spiritual applications for the serious student of the bible.