Trust House Publishers wants to help you distribute Christian teaching. To do this, we make publishing available at no cost to you. We do realize, however, that some authors prefer additional services, and we do this on a low-cost basis.

What is included in the free program?

Our zero-cost publishing includes:

  • Conversion of your “print ready” Word document manuscript into a publishable format.
    • “Print-ready” manuscripts have each format of print set into a “style” in Microsoft Word. This means that italicized or bold words, for example, will be set in Word using the styles pane rather than simple formatting.
    • We will provide a real person to guide you through this process at no cost.
  • All cover design using one of our skilled graphic artists.
    • You will have input from start to finish.
  • A PDF proof of the book (cover and interior) before anything goes to print.
  • Consultation on suggested retail pricing.
  • The preparation of your book to “ready-to-print” status.
  • One free printed copy of the book.
  • Ability to purchase your book at 55% discount off the cover price.

Optional Additional services

In addition to the free items above, an author can purchase any of these additional services.

  • Marketing Essentials

    • A 13-digit ISBN and a barcode so that your book can be sold in bookstores – $29.95 one-time fee.
      • If you are only selling your book in internal channels, you do not need this. If you are selling your book on Amazon or through other channels, this is essential.
    • Worldwide Distribution: Trust House will make your book available on all the major internet retailers as well as available to bookstores and libraries worldwide. This service is optional (some authors do not want worldwide distribution) – $69.00 one-time fee.
      • Availability to retailers does not guarantee retailers will carry the book on their shelves.
      • The book will be guaranteed available online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
      • Retailers will set the sales price, which will often be lower than your suggested retail price. You will receive 10% of the net sales price.
  • Manuscript preparation – Contact for Quote

    • If you prefer Trust House Publishers to do the conversion of the Word Document into the format needed to make the book “print ready,” we will do so for a reasonable cost for most manuscripts.
      • Average cost for most manuscripts is $350
      • Books that are over 450 pages or have formatting needs that are not typical will cost more.
      • We can give you an exact quote when we see your document.
  • EBook Preparation from manuscript – $75

    • If you want your Microsoft Word formatted into the various e-book formats, we will do this for an additional $75.
    • Note: This goes far beyond simply converting the document into an e-book file. Our editors will completely reformat so that all hyperlinks work, Table of Contents is click-able, graphics are correctly sized, etc.
  • Hard Copy Proof – cover price

    • A PDF proof is available free of charge.
    • If you want a hard copy proof, we will make this available the cover price.
  • Manuscript editing – $20/hour

    • If you would like Trust House Publishing editors to provide editing services, this will be $20/hour.
    • We will have a “not to exceed” limit on this service so that you will know your maximum cost.
    • Your document will be edited for grammar and syntax. You will receive a copy of all changes and suggestions and will make the final determination about whether or not to accept or reject the changes.
  • Book Website –

    • A website with Trust House Publishers Fulfillment Services – $249

      • With this package, Trust House will manage the order taking and fulfillment process.
      • The customer’s credit card displays a charge from “Trust House Publishers.”
      • Books will be shipped by the next business day, direct to the consumer.
      • The author will receive a 40% royalty of all books sold.
      • Proceeds will be collected by our secure server and we will be responsible for any sales tax and shipping.
    • A website without Trust House Publishers Fulfillment Services – $379

      • With this package, Trust House will design and build the website, but will not provide ordering or fulfillment services.
      • The author will install a shopping cart and credit card merchant services to the website.
      • The author is responsible for collection and payment of any applicable sales tax.
      • All orders received will be the responsibility of the author.
      • The author will retain 100% of the proceeds.
    • Both packages include:

      • Web domain of your choice (as available).
      • Home page, about page, blog, and any other pages desired by the author.
      • Logo design (if needed).

The cost of books

The author can purchase books at any time, in any quantity.  The author’s price is 55% off the cover price, plus shipping.